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Empower Physicians to Thrive: Combat Burnout and Drive Systemic Change in Healthcare

Discover the RechargedMD Coach Training Program, a proven solution designed to address burnout, create an internal physician peer support program and foster a culture of wellness.

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Addressing the Public Health Crisis of Clinician Burnout

Burnout Epidemic in Healthcare

In the United States, alarming statistics reveal that 54% of nurses and physicians, 60% of medical students and residents, and 61% of pharmacists exhibit symptoms of burnout. Those affected by burnout report lower job satisfaction and are more prone to resigning, compared to their counterparts.

Coaching: A Vital Solution for Healthcare Burnout

Coaching has been effectively used to mitigate burnout. The RechargedMD Coach Training Certification Program is at the core of a strategic solution to healthcare’s burnout crisis. This program equips your healthcare leaders with the skills and knowledge demonstrated to reduce burnout and improve well-being, as evidenced in our successful pilot group coaching program.

The Power of Peer Coaching

The physician-led group coaching program excels by fostering a robust community and enhancing connections among participants. Peer group coaching counters the common feeling of isolation in healthcare professionals. It facilitates a space where physicians can share common experiences, learn collaboratively, and develop together, establishing a supportive network vital for lasting well-being and career satisfaction.

Key Outcomes of Our Program

Development of Skilled Coaching Professionals

We train healthcare professionals into certified coaches, equipped with advanced skills and tools to facilitate impactful coaching sessions. Program graduates emerge as leaders capable of guiding their peers through challenges, enhancing resilience and job satisfaction.

Institutional Capacity Building

By nurturing internal coaching expertise, we help you establish a self-sustaining culture of continuous improvement, resilience, and well-being, reducing dependency on external resources and fostering long-term organizational health.

Evidence-Based Coaching Practices

Grounded in research and best practices, our training equips your team with core principles to effectively manage and mitigate burnout. This ensures your coaching initiatives are not only impactful but also aligned with evidence-based methodologies.

Your Partner in Transformation

Turnkey Implementation for Seamless Integration

We collaborate with healthcare institutions to implement a comprehensive curriculum and training, custom-fit for medical staff needs. Our approach is built for easy integration into your wellness initiatives, providing standardized, high-quality processes to ensure smooth implementation.

Empowering Self-Management with Technology

Our software platform empowers hospitals to independently manage their coaching programs. With features that streamline scheduling, contract management, and content delivery, our platform serves as a centralized, efficient hub for your coaching initiatives.

Proven Impact: Transforming Healthcare Professionals and Practices

In a comprehensive 60-day study, our program demonstrated remarkable outcomes:

18% Reduction in Burnout

Participants reported a significant decrease in burnout symptoms, leading to a more engaged and resilient workforce.

21% Increase in Self-Awareness

Enhanced self-awareness among healthcare professionals, contributing to improved decision-making and patient interactions.

These metrics underscore our program’s effectiveness in cultivating a resilient, effective workforce and elevating patient care standards.

Download our Pilot Group Coaching Study

Dive deeper into our impact with a detailed documentation

The RechargedMD Physician Coach Training Experience

The RechargedMD Physician Coach Training Certification program is tailored to enhance the capabilities of healthcare professionals in providing effective physician peer support. This certification delivers 35 hours to 70 hours of in-depth training, equipping participants to assist their colleagues, especially those grappling with burnout.

Key features of the program include

Physician Peer Support Emphasis

Focused training designed to meet the unique demands of the healthcare sector, improving peer support networks.

Expertise in Addressing Healthcare Challenges

Coaches develop the skills to effectively manage complex issues such as burnout, ensuring timely and appropriate support.

Extensive Certification Process

A comprehensive coaching curriculum that exceeds standard training durations.

CME Credits Acquisition

Participants have the opportunity to earn Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Through the RechargedMD program, coaches are transformed into critical support figures within their healthcare institutions.

Core Principles of Our Comprehensive Curriculum

The RechargedMD curriculum is built on foundational principles designed to empower physicians and foster a culture of wellness

Physician Peer Support Emphasis

Focused training designed to meet the unique demands of the healthcare sector, improving peer support networks.

Cultural and Systemic Awareness

Equip participants with the tools to understand and influence the culture within healthcare organizations, promoting a positive environment that aligns with their values and professional ethics.

Vulnerability and Combating Imposter Syndrome

Address common challenges like Imposter Syndrome by encouraging vulnerability, leading to stronger, more authentic connections and improved sense of self.

Enabling Technology: Our Coaching Management Software

The RechargedMD software platform is designed to seamlessly support the execution and management of your coaching program

Simplified Administrative Tasks

Streamline scheduling, contract management, and other key administrative functions, making program management efficient and user-friendly.

Centralized Resource Hub

Provide easy access to coaching materials and resources, ensuring consistent quality and enabling effective learning and engagement.

Licensing Option

Flexibility for Your Institution: For organizations with an established coaching program, the RechargedMD software is available for licensing. Enhance your existing program with our comprehensive software solution.

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General Questions

Explore our FAQs to find answers about our physician coach training, program benefits, implementation process, and more.

What is the purpose of this platform?

The purpose of the RechargedMD online platform is to simplify the administrative work involved with managing internal wellness programs within medical organizations.

How can I access this platform?

It can be accessed via the web, as an iPhone app, or as an Android app.

How can I get in contact with RechargedMD?

You may contact us at or submit a request through the contact form.

I am an individual who would like to use this platform for personal reasons. Is this platform for me?

This app is not intended for personal use by individuals.

Is there a cost to use this platform

The use of this platform does come with a fee. Please contact for more information.

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